All scarfs are made of pure silk. I paint and  screen-print all the scarfs by hand. All scarfs also have a theme. Needless to say all scarfs are unique.

There are two kinds of scarfs: Single layer, made of shiny pongee. Both sides have the same look. There are also double layered scarfs: one side made of shiny pongee and the other side of transparent chiffon. Through the chiffon you can still make out the print on the shiny pongee side, but it changes because of the different colors used in the chiffon. When wearing, you can play with the amount of pongee side and chiffon side visible. Below, a small selection

Specific wishes?
Scarfs can also be made in commission on a no cure no pay basis.
Scarves are for sale at expositions, museumshop of Singer Laren and can be ordered directly 

alaska, ziijde sjaal
Alaska 1
alaskan moose, silk scarf
Alaska 2
strange birds, silk scarfs
Strange Birds
japan lady, silk scarf
Lady in kimono
pop art flowers, silk scarf
Flowers in black & White background
tiles and tulips, silk scarf
Tulips & Tiles
party by the sea, silk scarf
Party by the sea
bloemen in vaas, zijde sjaal
Tulp in vase
paars, zijde sjaal
Purple, Purple
rivier, zijde sjaal
By the river
2 laags zijden sjaals
Moose, 2 layers
De zalm en de beer
Salmon and bear
Sealand, inspired by traditional custome
Marken, inspired by traditional custome


Nora van Klingeren


Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands