And of course there are always matters that are neither walltextile or scarfs. These can be temporary installations or ideas for whatever crosses my path:

A temporary installation in a water tower or church

  • An idea for a chair with solar cells to charge your mobile device
  • Combination of steel and felt like “soft concrete”, “building with Mondriaan” and “head full of illusions”
  • An ottoman

Read more?
A (digital) booklet is available. Please send an email and I will send you a digital booklet

Wie ben ik? Wat wil ik? Wat doe ik?
Who am I? What do I want? What do I do?

installatie in watertoren zoetermeer
Water Tower

Nenana ice classic
Nenana ice classic

zacht beton
Soft Concrete

bouwen met mondriaan
Building with Mondriaan

hoofd vol illusies
Head full of illusions

In het hart van het koraal
In the heart of the coral

tara, ottoman
Tara, ottoman

“Chiatura, crossroad for architecture and textile”; This publication consists of a booklet with a column and photograps, 8 cards size 18,5×18,5 cm- envelops and a small piece of felt cloth
The publication is for sale.



Nora van Klingeren


Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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