Work to be made in commission always add an extra dimension. Wishes and insights from the clients lead to directions which maybe I would have not taken otherwise. Generally I work as follows. I visit the location and discuss wishes. Next I will make a proposition with a sketch. Then I get to work. With objects up to about 4 m2 I will work on a no cure no pay basis. With works larger than 4 m2 I make a sort of small test piece.

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Please send an email and I will send you a document with al the work in commission so far.

sunset and sunrise in delft
Sunrise and Sunset in Delft

Binnen verrijkt buiten
Inner world enriches outer world

een nieuw begin
A new beginning

sotto voce
sotto voce

blue, blue, blue
Blue, blue, blue

Tides and Times

Vrouwelijke sherpa's op pad
Female sherpas on the move

nieuwe loten aan de stam
New branches to the tree


Nora van Klingeren


Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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