And of course there are always matters that are neither walltextile or scarfs. These can be temporary installations or ideas for whatever crosses my path:

  • "Chiatura, crossroad for architecture and textile"; This publication consists of a booklet with a column and photograps, 8 cards  size 18,5x18,5 cm- envelops and a small piece of felt cloth
  • A temporary installation in a water tower
  • An idea for a chair with solar cells to charge your mobile device
  • Combination of steel and felt like "soft concrete"

Risen from dunes and sea, a movie about architecture, landscape and felt

Quarry on, an entry at the exhibition in a Swiss stone quarry

Click here for a detailed view (pdf file - 12 pages)

Stop and save, a proposal for an entry of an exhibition

Click here for a detailed view (pdf bestand - 20 pages)

Charged, a proposal for a solar sun-deck chair

Click here for a detailed view (pdf file - 13 pages)