In commission: in harmony with the environment

In commission: in harmony with the environment
A work  made in commision always blends perfectly with the surroundings.
It is designed in close cooperation together with the clienst. The work is adjusted to  size of the surrounding environment, the light,the materials used  etc. These  are all factors to be considered.

After an introductory discussion on location , I make a proposal:

  •     Sources of inspiration
  •     Sizes, colors and themes incorporated into a sketch
  •     Cost calculation

The specific needs of clients are an extra challenge to make something special.

Finally a work is created that completely fits in the clients situation.

A tapestry improves the acoustic quality of a room . This quality can be improved by including insulation in the framework .

Throughout the process , I work no cure no pay . If the work is smaller than  about 5 m2 , I  make two works  from which can be chosen. For larger work I often start with two "pilot" pieces

SEE MORE work in commission: You can request a digital overview of works commissioned by the contact form.